Welcome toNo Bullying!

Our Purpose


Hello! If you’re on this website, you probably:

  1. Want to learn more about bullying
  2. Are being bullied and want to learn how to report it or put an end to it
  3. Are bullying and want to learn how to stop
  4. Have seen bullying and want to learn how to end it

If it’s a different reason, that’s fine! This website is for anyone who wants to access it!


No Bullying is a program to help victims of bullying overcome it, to help people to learn about bullying, and to stop bullying nation-wide. Bullying affects 1 in 5 kids, so we need to take action. Whether cyber, verbal, social, or physical, bullying can affect kids for the rest of their lives.

That’s why we created No Bullying! Kids should be able to live normal lives without the effects of bullying. Because of the growth in bullying, action against it is even more important! So, we're joining the fight!

How to Navigate the Website

whthCounselors Page

The Counselor Page provides information on friendly counselors that can help you bring an end to bullying.
If you decide that a counselor sounds like a good choice for you, then click on the "Learn More" button to find out:


FAQ Page

The FAQ Page provides answers to your Frequently Asked Questions! If you don't see your question, first email us at theteamagainstbullying@gmail.com, then ask your counselor to answer your question if we don't respond.


More Information Page

The More Information Page provides links to other reliable websites where you can access more information about bullying. If you want to, share these pages with other people to spread awareness of bullying!